Wireless Earbud Reviews

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The Best Wireless Earbuds for Working Out

Whether it’s jogging or working out in a gym, having something to listen to can make the time go by much quicker.  For years I dreaded the boring drone of the treadmill and could not help looking at the “time elapsed” and calorie monitor.  Watching tv did help but sometimes it made me dizzy, nearly causing my to wipeout.

Finally I decided to look into audiobooks, podcasts and even workout specific music to pass the time and keep me motivated.  This worked.  Except for the constant tangle of wires that surrounded me.  This is the primary reason I switched to wireless earbuds early on.

I found I could bring my phone to the gym and leave it on the equipment while I finished my reps. I no longer required an annoying armband or looked stupid with a bulge in my pocket.

In the summer I prefer to job and having something to listen to made it much more enjoyable.  A couple times every run I would accidentally rip out my earbuds which made me angry.  Obviously this went away when I switched to my Jaybrid Bluebuds.

What Factors into Choosing a Great Pair of Buds

If you are planning to be active then you want to look closely at the type of earbuds you plan to buy.  Most traditional earbuds will fall out over the period of your work out disrupt your flow.

Many of the earbuds designed for jogging or exercising have over the ear or inside the ear type fasteners.  These help a great deal to keep the earbuds in place through any type of movement.  You will want to make sure the earbuds and the clips are comfortable at all times.  Depending on your ears and the earbuds,  you can experience soreness if they are not fitted properly.

Majority of the wireless earbuds will have a short wire connecting the two earbuds that you can put behind your neck or in front.  I prefer behind the neck as this also helps to keep the earbuds from shaking loose.  If they do shake lose at least the earbuds will fall around your neck and not to the ground.

A few manufacturers make the banded style of earbuds that contain a hard plastic band attached to the earbud which typically sit behind your ears on the back of the head.  I personally do not like this style but I know many prefer this over the loose type of earbuds.

Other Factors to Consider

  • battery life
  • sweat/water resistant
  • sound quality


I’ve had several different wireless earbuds over the years.  Some good…some not so good.  At the moment I use my Jaybird Bluebuds X Sport which I really enjoy.  Great sound quality, battery life and tons of options when it comes to a great fit.

I see there is a new model of Jabra’s out that have a built-in heart monitor.  Looks pretty cool but I’m not sure how useful that would be.  They are called the Jabra Sport Pulse.  They have solid ratings and some great durability certifications but they are a bit pricey.  I owned a different pair of Jabra earbuds in the past and can vouch for them.

If you are a fan of Beats then you can look at the Power Beats 2 model which have the over-ear holder to keep everything in place.  Like all Beats products, they have a high price but great sound quality.

Outdoor Tech has a very affordable model called the OT5200 Orcas which have been receiving some great reviews.  Great battery life and the in-ear fit seem to be their big selling feature.  This is the type of earbud I would usually buy.

Lastly, the Platronics Backbeat Fit is the banded style that many people prefer.   These are affordable and continue with the great quality and history of the Backbeat line of earbuds.  A near perfect rating on Amazon is another plus.

Do some homework and you won’t be disappointed.  I use my wireless earbuds everyday.  From working out, jogging, housework and conference calls.