Why Audio is Still King in My Books

In a time when YouTube and various other video sites rule our lives I still continue to rely on audio for a major part of my entertainment and education.  Don’t get me wrong,  I love video content but it does not offer the same flexibility as audio.  I listen to a number of weekly podcasts, audio books and audio-only YouTube nearly every day.  With my iPhone being the hub I’m able to connect to my car stereo and listen while I commute or run errands.  When I go to the gym I pair my [easyazon-link asin="B0040X33SE" locale="us"]Jabra clipper[/easyazon-link] via Bluetooth stereo and clip it on my shirt.  This lets me place my iPhone on the treadmill platform or nearby the weights instead of constantly having the wires ripped from my ears.

When I get home I use the same wireless earbuds to keep me occupied while I’m doing chores around the house.  Before I go to bed I listen to something relaxing and turn on sleep mode so it shuts off shortly after I fall asleep.

I listen to a mix of sports podcasts and educational books or podcasts that help me with my personal growth.  They always say that the most successful and respected individuals are constantly reading and learning, mainly through books.  Since I don’t have this type of spare time I much prefer it being spoken to me.  I can consume a massive amount of information by audio that would not be possible otherwise.  Along with learning it sure passes the time by when you are unable to do anything else.

Invest in a good MP3 player or just use your phone since its probably more than capable of handling this along with a good pair of Bluetooth wireless earbuds.  I prefer earbuds since I can use them to work out and they don’t feel as bulky as the banded style headphones.  I’ve been using the [easyazon-link asin="B0040X33SE" locale="us"]Jabra CLIPPER bluetooth stereo[/easyazon-link] earbuds for quite some time now and would highly recommend them.  Them are very affordable and sound quality is good for the price.  I get probably 4-5 solid hours before they need charging and are able to charge within 30-40 minutes.

I’m thinking of trying the Outdoor Tags for jogging since this is what they are built for.  I still enjoy the Jabra clipper and am very happy with it but I’m a bit of an audioholic so more earbuds is better for me.  Before I used wireless earbuds (I was too cheap to spend the extra money) I would go through a pair of cheap wired earbuds every few weeks.

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